New Aerial Drone Photography 4 Group Pictures

New Aerial Drone Photography for Group Pictures

We are trying something new this year, to expand our services with schools. We are using aerial drone photography to take school footage and even school group pictures. Due to the pandemic students have to be separate from each other so we are looking outside the box to meet those needs.

We also do composite group pictures since we are not able to take class pictures in schools. We take individual pictures of all students to meet this need especially now with Covid and Department of Education requirements. Aerial Drone Photography allows us to take group pictures without sacrificing quality. We can take Group pictures outside on your field or on your blacktop outside the school. Group pictures from Pre-K to High School or event photography, no job too big or too small.


aerial drone photography
Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial Drone Photos provide the highest quality of images without the sacrifice of space for group class pictures. I remember times in the past where I had to use a 12 foot ladder to take group pictures of 100 students. Also was limited with the space we lacked, not so!! with aerial drone photography, the sky is the limit for group pictures.

Todays technology allow us to expand our services to new heights and a business that doesn’t think outside the box and doesn’t look for new creative ideas, is always behind other key players. We as a business are always looking for new and creative ways to take school pictures in and out of the school.

If you are interested in this type of service for group pictures or for school photography, Please feel free to contact us.

Feel Free to watch this aerial drone photography in action taken by me.



Barack Obama Picture Day

Barack Obama School

Picture Day for Barack Obama School on October 9, 2015

Barack Obama School

Welcome again Barack Obama School in Hempstead, New York (Long Island) for allowing us to continue to partner with this great school. Thanks to the Principal Mrs. Kelly Fairclough and thanks to Mrs. Crowley for taking on this project and task for this school.

Picture day will be one day only on October 9, 2015. We will have three individual stations  and 1 class group station each station has their own photographers. We always love when PTA or Parent Coordinators help out with Picture day, it allows us to work more efficiently when we work with the schools hand in hand to make this day the most special day. Especially since in the Fall most of these pictures will be for relatives and grand parents for the Christmas holiday.

We do proofs to allow all students to be photographed and allows the parent to see their child’s picture before they commit on purchasing their pictures for the year. We do both Fall and Spring contracts and also Senior Portraits for all grade levels and all types of schools. 

We are experienced in taking pictures of schools as large as 1400 students and as low as 50 students.  We pride ourselves in helping minority schools with picture day, making children shine and memories last forever.

Contact Us using our contact form or give us a call and we will love to arrange to speak to you in person.

Picture Day for Ampark Neighborhood School

Ampark Neighborhood School also known as PS 344 a beautiful charter school. Is our newest school in Bronx, New York. They are the first charter school we are servicing and we are happy to service my local home town, the Bronx.  I also had the privilige of working in District 10 under Mrs. Irma Zardoya when she was Superintendent before it became known as a region.  So it is my duty as a born and raise in the bronx, to give back to my local community. I am a proud Puerto Rican, who loves giving back to our community.  I am glad that Ampark Neighborhood School has chosen Integrity School Portraits as their Photography company. We service both local New Jersey and New York Schools.

Ampark Neighborhood School
3961 Hillman Ave, New York, NY 10463
Picture day on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013
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Making picture day affordable for our local communities.
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Picture Day for Fulton Elementary School

We welcome Fulton Elementary School to our line of schools that we are servicing for picture day. I hope and trust that this will be the beginning of long relationship with the town of hempstead in Long Island.  I would like to say thanks to this school for the opportunity that they have given us. I trust that all parents will be happy with our personalized service that we will be providing and quality products that they will receive.

Fulton Elementary School will be having picture day on Wednesday, March 13th and Thursday, March 14th starting at 9 A.M.  The school will be sending home the order forms as soon as they receive it. I trust that it will be ample time for the parents to pay for the pictures before picture day and not the day of picture day.  Since we will be providing Pre-pay Order Forms with 12 Customized Backgrounds that the school has chosen and the many products that we are offering this year we want to give the school enough time for them to collect money.  We offer fundraising options for any school that choose to have this option. But we always think about the local community when customizing our packages and prices.  We offer low Add-On options which is only an option with a Packages A, B, C or D. We offer a Class Picture Package offer that does not have an option for Add-On purchase for families who only want the class picture option.

We offer other services besides photography for schools, like video recording for special events and video recording for spring and winter concerts and local events for low prices.

Fulton Elementary School
40 Fulton Avenue,
Hempstead, New York 11550
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After picture day, we will follow up with a Re-order form for all families that would like to buy extra prints for sharing with their families and friends.  We offer competitive prices other than Lifetouch company.  We believe in servicing the community and not taking advantage of it. We can still make a profit and still offer quality service to our families without taxing you as a consumer.  

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Thank you!

Santa Pics at Castle Hill Little League Field

On Saturday, December 15th. I had the privilage of taking photos of Santa at the Castle Hill Little League Park.
I worked with a bunch of nice people who were giving away presents to all children who came to take pictures.  If you were one of the lucky candidates and your child took a picture but you don’t know where to pick up your photo.  It will be available to be picked up Dec 21, 2012 at the Castle Hill Little League Club House Location:

Club House Address:
2200 Powell Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462 – View map

Also, if you would like a digital copy of the photo taken with Santa. Please use contact form and submit your name and child’s name and I would be glad to send you a copy.  Thanks again, at your service.

Integrity School Portraits,
Kevin Torres