Photobooth Service

Integrity School Portraits offers Photobooth Service for all types of parties and themes. As you can see below we have tons of Templates to choose from.

Holiday Photobooth Templates:
Valentines Day, Halloween Templates, Christmas and Holiday Celebration Templates, Cinco De Mayo Templates, Fourth of July Templates, St. Patricks Day Templates,  Happy New Years Templates.

Party Photobooth Templates:
Summer Party Templates, Birthday Party Templates, Sweet 16, Quincanera, Mardi Gras Celebration Templates and Wedding Templates.

School Photobooth Events Templates: 
Father Daughter Dance Templates, Harvest Festival Templates, Winter Concert, Prom Templates, Senior Dance Templates, Graduation Templates.

We provide the props and the fun. Best keepsake gift for your party and for your guest!

Integrity School Portraits Photo Booth

Please choose which types of Print you would like for your event. One of the 3 Options: Strips, Post Card or Portraits Layout. Once chosen please fill out information and we will send you more information and quote for your next event to include Photography and Photobooth Service.