PS95 Sheila Mencher Spring Picture Days 2014

PS95 Sheila Mencher Spring Picture Days 2014

Welcome back PS95 Sheila Mencher New York City Bronx Public School. We are happy to serve you again as your choice for school photographer for your Pre-K, 1st Grade Grad Pics all through 8th Grade Senior Pictures with Cap and Gown. As you know we are a bilingual photography company, servicing low and middle income schools with great fundraisers.  This year we will like to introduce Raffles sponsored by Integrity School Portraits. Each Spring and Fall we will have two items to raffle. For each $35 Package Purchase you will receive 1 raffle ticket. We are doing a Proofs for Picture Day. This means that each student will take 2 pictures. If student is graduating from Kindergarten or 8th Grade Senior. They will take 2 Pictures, 1 with Cap and Gown and 1 regular casual picture. Proof Order Program does not require parents to buy any pictures. Parents will receive a Proof Order Form with their child’s two pictures and selection of up to 3 packages and optional specialty items.


The Spring and Graduation Picture Day for PS95 will be on the following dates:

On Wednesday, May 14th – 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade Seniors
On Thursday, May 15th – Pre-K, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade and 4th Grade

Please send your children dressed up for class pictures even though you feel you may not buy the pictures. Thank you in advance!

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