Santa Story Time Holiday Pictures

SantaCastle Hill Little League is hosting Santa Story Time Holiday Pictures

Every year the Castle Hill Little League hosts pictures with Santa.  They do fundraisers during the year so they can give back to the community.  I am very fortunate to have met Henry the owner of Castle Hill Little League Park.  He has allowed me to partner with them to bring this special day.  I am very honored to be part of this great team that have a big heart when it comes to giving back to the community.

Henry and Christina and a host of people come together by giving presents to the children as they take pictures with Santa.  It is so nice to see the children’s smile as they see Santa and as they receive their gift for this holiday.  May I say, this Santa is one of the best looking Santa around.  Castle Hill Little League will host by creating a holiday setup where I will be taking pictures and print at the request of the parents.  You can buy 1 or more packages from the Order form below.  Last year we developed the pictures through the lab and then shipped to this location.  This year we will have print on site so we can give you your pictures as you prepay and view on site. You will also have the option of ordering through our lab and the prints can be sent home directly for a $5 shipping fee.

Download this   ISP_holiday_12_07_2013.PDF

Come join us by Castle Hill Avenue on 2200 Powell Avenue, Basement, Bronx NY between 1pm – 5pm
Prepay with Paypal: Add $5 and Send monies payment to and bring your receipt.
Specialty items will be delivered two weeks later to this place or add $5 and it will be shipped directly to you. Everyone who buys through lab and spends $20 or more, will receive their digital file by email as a thank you!

Thanks for making this day possible. Enjoy your Christmas! Don’t forget to bring your children!

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