New Aerial Drone Photography 4 Group Pictures

New Aerial Drone Photography for Group Pictures

We are trying something new this year, to expand our services with schools. We are using aerial drone photography to take school footage and even school group pictures. Due to the pandemic students have to be separate from each other so we are looking outside the box to meet those needs.

We also do composite group pictures since we are not able to take class pictures in schools. We take individual pictures of all students to meet this need especially now with Covid and Department of Education requirements. Aerial Drone Photography allows us to take group pictures without sacrificing quality. We can take Group pictures outside on your field or on your blacktop outside the school. Group pictures from Pre-K to High School or event photography, no job too big or too small.


aerial drone photography
Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial Drone Photos provide the highest quality of images without the sacrifice of space for group class pictures. I remember times in the past where I had to use a 12 foot ladder to take group pictures of 100 students. Also was limited with the space we lacked, not so!! with aerial drone photography, the sky is the limit for group pictures.

Todays technology allow us to expand our services to new heights and a business that doesn’t think outside the box and doesn’t look for new creative ideas, is always behind other key players. We as a business are always looking for new and creative ways to take school pictures in and out of the school.

If you are interested in this type of service for group pictures or for school photography, Please feel free to contact us.

Feel Free to watch this aerial drone photography in action taken by me.